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date22nd May 2024

About the Osteoporosis Screening Clinic


Professor John Studd

John Studd was the co-founder of the National Osteoporosis Society, 20 years ago, has been Chairman and now serves as Vice President.  His research on the subject includes the effect of oral or transdermal oestrogens on bone density and the relationship of bone density changes to blood oestrogen levels.

He has also studied the microstructure of osteoporotic bones and their response to oestrogen therapy, demonstrating that new bone is formed, microfractures repaired and that there is an increase in strengthening collagen in the bone matrix.

He was awarded the annual Kohn award for this work relating to collagen, oestrogens and bones and also received the “Hope for Osteoporosis” award from the National Osteoporosis Society for “Outstanding Work”.

He continues to believe that oestrogens should be the first line therapy for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in women who start therapy below the age of 60.


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